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Training Tip: Chewing

Do you have a dog or a puppy who just LOVES to chew on anything he/she can get their mouth on? Here are some quick tips on helping curb your dog's chewing needs!

NOTE: When a dog excessively chews on items he/she is not suppose to (shoes, furniture, kid's toys, etc.), in most cases it means that the dog is bored and is not receiving enough exercise and stimulation.

Tip #1- Make sure your dog is receiving enough daily exercise to help stimulate not only his body, but his mind as well! Going for walks/jogs, playing fetch, going to the park, etc. are all good ways to exercise your dog.

Tip #2- Make sure your dog has his own stash of toys to call his own! Find out what type of toys interests your dog the most (rope toys, tennis balls, Nylabones, Kong toys, stuff toys, squeaky toys, etc.).

Tip #3: TRAINING- When you catch your dog or puppy in the middle of chewing up your favorite pillow (or whatever it may be a the time!), instead of loosing your cool and yelling at the dog to stop, quickly find one of your dog's toys to replace the "bad" item with.

HOW?: Quickly retrieve one of your dog's toys, and while your dog is chewing on the "bad" item say "Ahh!" or "No!" (whichever command you normally use to re-direct bad behavior), take the "bad" item from the dog and immediately give him his toy to chew on instead. Just as with a human child, do not take the "bad" item away and place it still in the dog's view; instead, take it and put it away so your dog will not be able to get to it again. In general, when you see your dog going to pick up one of his toys, make sure to praise him for choosing a "good" item!

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                                                                       PLEASE NOTE:                                                                                   We are not professional dog trainers and/or dog behaviorists. While we stand behind and use these methods, please use them at your own risk and understand that these methods are of our opinions and are merely suggestions to assist you in finding harmony with your K9 companions.